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we machine parts

Who do we machine for?

AM&S offers its certified manufacturing services to all industries including aerospace, medical and commercial. 

Our attentive service is provided to all organizations and companies, both large and small, that choose to trust AM&S with their manufacturing needs. If you need a one-off part or have multiple production lines, let us become a part of your team!




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What materials do we work with?

Domestic  |  Dfar  |  Mill of Origin  |  Material Test Reports  |  Traceability

AM&S fabricates from a variety of materials including, but not limited to, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Steel, Titanium, Red metals (Copper, Brass), Nickel-based metals (Invar, Inconel, Kovar) and a variety of plastics. Our raw material vendors are monitored to ensure all materials meet our rigid standards. When required, AM&S procures only domestic or DFAR materials with Mill of Origin Certs and Test Reports. AM&S also routinely sends raw material to third party labs for non-destructive testing to verify quality. 

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